About us

Part of the Boston community for over 30 years, Timepiece Boston is a second-generation jeweler and watchmaker committed to precision and attention to detail. Specializing in antique timepieces and gold jewelry, Timepiece Boston offers cash for old luxury watches and jewelry. Sellers can rest assured that Timepiece Boston offers a fair price for gold and watches.

As a service to our customers we also assist in the complete handling of collections that can include jewelry, gold and old gold coins along with old luxury watches in any condition. we give a fair market value for each item. The cash that is paid out is greater than the weight in the precious metal contained in the old and broken jewelry and luxury watches that might not be in working condition. It more closely represents their real market value for purchase price on the open market. it is higher than what you will get at pawn shops and other gold purchasers.

There are many types of luxury watches we are interested in including Rolex, Omega Breguet, Cartier, IWC, Tag Heuer, Panerai, Patek Philippe and Hublot to name a few. There are also many of the smaller boutique luxury watches which are not that numerous in number on the open market that we are interested in. Those watches we will also purchase can be in any condition, working or non-functional. We have been operating this business for decades now we are online to help reach more of those in need of finding a good home for their old timepieces.