Old Rolex Watches

Many people have old rolex watches in their possession that have just been lying around for years. For others of you times are tough and these items can be a source of often needed revenue. For this reason we purchase these items from those of you that are looking for cash in exchange for your old luxury watch.

The reason you are looking to sell these old watches could be because you have just inherited a portion or all of an estate or just want to get rid of some items from your past. The reason you have decided to part with your items is a personal one and we will not question it. What we will do is  give you a fair market value for the items.

If this sounds like a transaction you would be interested in then please send us an email with pictures of the items you wish to part with and a description of them to  buyer@timepieceboston.com. For those that wish to call by phone my number is 734 320 7712.

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