Types of Luxury Watches we are interested in Purchasing

The timepieces created by Rolex, Breguet, Cartier, IWC, Tag Heuer, Panerai, Patek Philippe and Hublot are what we consider to be luxury watches and for good reasons.  In the market place today there are many that claim to have a luxury timepiece, but just calling a watch a luxury timepiece does not make it one. There must be some benchmark a company has done or at least have a history of making great works of art that keep time over a large span of time, not just the name luxury and a good adverting scheme on mass media.

The leading misconception is that just because a watch has mechanical movement that is sweeping in the second hand and keeps accurate time along with being expensive it is a luxury watch. For the term luxury to actually apply to a timepiece, the makers of the watch would have had to already gone to extraordinary lengths to set their timepiece above what else is available on the market. Rolex was and still is known for this. The accuracy of each watch they create and sell with their name on it is still tested by the COSC or Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute and is certified.  It is this type of extraordinary act that contributes in making the Rolex wrist watch a luxury and one of a kind item.

For the name luxury the company that is creating their timepieces must have also been around to conquer the test of time. Just like Rolex that began the wrist watch trend back in the early potion of the 20th century, many others are also from that time period or before. Before Rolex and the wrist watch there were pocket watches of exquisite taste and value.

A good example of a luxury watch with an established pedigree is the Breguet. The first ones were created back in 1775 in Paris. It was this forward thinking company that developed the first self-winding pocket watches back in 1780 with an oscillating weight and 2 outgoing barrels.  Just as Hans Wilsdorf was a German from England before moving to Switzerland because of a war, A. L. Breguet was a Frenchman that moved to Switzerland because of the French revolution. Both men went to where it was safe to continue in their art of making exquisite timepieces.

The name Cartier and its association with luxury have a different point of reference than most other companies in the world. This company is and has been for over a century the Jeweler of Kings and was founded in 1847. Cartier made it mark in the area of timepieces when it designed and sold the first flat wristwatch with a square bezel back in 1904. This was at the requests of a Brazilian pilot that did not wish to search for his timepiece while flying.

The IWC is another of the unique timepiece makers of the world. This was a company founded back in the mid 1800’s in which American ingenuity and technology was to be integrated into Swiss movement and watch creating skills. One of their breakthroughs that never took off was the manufacturing of the first digital watch in 1885.

The Swiss watch maker named Tag Heuer of today has its roots back to 1860 when it was founded by Edouard Heuer. The company’s original name was Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer AG. The named changed to Tag Heuer in 1985 when the TAG Group purchased it but was then sold to the luxury conglomerate Louis Vutton in 1999 but has retained the name TAG Heuer. The first patent was for keyless crown winding mechanism intended for pocket watches in 1869. This company is also responsible for the invention of the oscillating pinion in 1887.

The Panerai luxury timepiece company is based out of Italy but manufactures its watches in Switzerland. They were the first to open a watch making school in the city of Florence. By the early 1900’s they were still making their own cases but were purchasing their movements from Rolex.    In 1916 they filed a patent for radiomir. This is the radium powder that allows the wearer to see the luminescence on the watch so time can be known when there is no light source. Today the official name of this timepiece company is Officine Panerai Firenze.

One of the true Swiss watch makers is the Patek Philippe & Company even thou the original founder, Antoni Patek was Polish, his shop was located in Geneva in the year 1839. In 1845 he joined forces with Frenchman Adrien Philippe and together they invented the keyless winding mechanism. The first Patek Philippe timepiece was then introduced to the world in 1851. They have always been known for manufacturing their own movements and casings.

Hublot is a luxury Swiss timepiece company that is from the modern era. This is rare but was made possible because of their attention to detail and superior craftsmanship. Not only does Hublot sell the world most expensive watches but they have also developed a system to identify counterfeit Hublot watches in 2009.  This is by using s system with a WISekey smart card.

By looking at the above timepiece  it is easy to see why these are all considered luxury timepieces. It is this upper level of quality and precision they all exhibit is why we prefer to work with them. If you do have a luxury watch that is of another make, and you want to sell it please contact us with information pertaining to your timepiece. The time spent talking to another about luxury timepieces is never a waste of time for us.

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