The Selling of a Luxury Watches in the Boston area or across the Nation with Peace of Mind


It is now possible to gain access to a buyer for your luxury watch when you are in need of selling it. While there are many reasons for selling items of this kind, the most critical aspect is a fair market price to be agreed too. This is the aim of Timepiece Boston. To evaluate what you have and provide you with a reasonable and fair market price for the items you wish to sell.

If you have luxury watches in working condition or even if they have stopped for an unspecified reason we are willing to make a bid on them and give you a fair market price. Not only do we purchase old luxury watches but also jewelry that is in fine or broken condition. While it is not our core business, we can still appreciate beauty of the artist that created it.

We handle small acquisitions of a single item along with entire estate collections.  No matter what your needs are in finding a buyer for your luxury watches, we can make you a fair market price that will be hard to beat in our business sector.  Compare with others and you will find our offer is the same or higher than our competitors.

The process of selling your Luxury Watch.

First determine what you need to sell. Then contact us via email or with a phone call. our email address is and our phone number is 734 320 7712.

An email is preferred so the message can be accompanied with photos of the item you wish to sell and copies of any paperwork that belongs to the items. This will enable me to schedule a meeting with you. This will make it possible for a transaction to occur without a delay. This is for parties in the Boston Massachusetts area.

Remember we are not a pawn shop and only make purchases, not loans on luxury watches. All transactions are final with the handshake if done in person. It is part of our old fashioned manner in conducting business like our fore fathers.




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