Hublot Luxury Watch Company

The Hublot watch brand is relatively new to the Swiss matchmaking industry. It was founded in 1980 but has established itself as one of the premier Swiss watch makers of modern times. The name Hublot is French meaning porthole in English. This was a fitting name since the first watch did resemble a porthole of a ship.

The very first watch created by the founder Carlo Crocco was thought to be groundbreaking. This was not due to the mechanics of the watch but in the combination of the material he decided to use in his creation. The concept behind the watch’s creation was to develop a sport watch that also had elegance and style which could be worn anywhere and time with any apparel. The design and construction of the watch began in 1976. Three of those years took in the creating of the band. The band was made of rubber with vanilla and steel injected into it so it would not crack, show signs of wear or emanate the odor most associated with natural rubber.  This concept was considered Fusion for the manner in which natural components and precious metals were infused together to make a luxury timepiece.

The final watch had polish and brushed gold for the casing with a flat black dial along with the natural rubber strap. The lunette was mounted with 12 titanium screws whose heads were positioned to represent the different hours of the day. This simple yet elegant sports watch then went on display at the 1980 Basel Watch Fair but most observers and attendees took little interest.

To help sell this timepiece a marketing campaign was initiated. This is when the King of Greece took notice. He was soon followed by the Kings of Spain and Sweden along with the Prince of Monaco. It was this set of royalty that made the Hublot to be considered the watch for royalty of the new jest set lifestyle.

As time moved forward the diver watch was introduced in 1982 and then the first chronograph watch in 1986. By 1987 Crocco decided to replace the soul of his watch from the ETA quartz movement to mechanical.

The next move forward was the introduction of the Big Bang at the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix in the year of 2005. At this event Hublot’s watch won the Best Design Prize at the show. This watch was in such demand that it took 9 months for an order to be filled by the Hublot Watch Company.  Just like it predecessors, the Big Bang was held in place with the rubber strap.

In April of 2007 the Big Bang One Million was introduced to the world. This was a watch that had the entire metal surface covered with diamonds. The watch then won the Jewelry Watch Prize at the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix in the year of 2007.

In 2008 the French investment group named LVMH purchased Hublot and all of its holdings. In that same year it was made the Official Timekeeper for Euro 2008. In 2010 Hublot became the Official Formula 1 Watchmaker and the Official Timekeeper for the FIFA.

While Hublot might be an infant in the Swiss watch making industry, they have made a place for themselves in the luxury timepiece market that is here to stay.

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