De Bethune Boutique Watchmaking Company

The De Bethune boutique watchmaking company was formed by a man with a passion for the horological world and a 4th generation watchmaker. This occurred in 2002 with the vision of making exquisite timepieces that were both atheistically pleasing awhile being precision chronographs.

The key to this company’s success in the development of their timepieces is their extensive research and development in the field of complex mechanisms that are capable of keeping precise time measurements. This was and still is their passion and vision of the company.

It took until 2004 for this watchmaking company which is searching for perfection to develop their very first calibre at their shop. It was then presented to the world at the 2004 Baselworld Show.  In 2011 the DB28 won the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix “Aiguille d’Or” or Golden Hand. This was for how they have achieved their goal of perfectly blending art with the science of mechanisms in this timepiece.

In total they have 9 different patents for mechanical devices along with 15 calibres they designed in-house that they use in their form of art in their production of timepieces.  All of this has been accomplished in just over 12 years since their inception.  For the timepiece that is one of a kind in respect to precision that is a vision of beauty then this luxury brand is not only a wise choice but becoming the preferred choice all over Europe.

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